What We Have Done In Art

In this blog post, I am going to be talking about what we have done in art.

For our first art project, we did the kid under the mask. How we did it was we folded our paper into four parts. The mask on the bottom part and then we drew ourselves out and the mask and put the mask flipped over and wrote Good Parts about ourselves.

The second art project we did was a sort of pumpkin tie-dye thing.  We drew a pumpkin on paper. Then when we finished that we also did dots and designs then. We put colored markers watercolor markers on top of the tinfoil and sprayed the piece of paper with water.  then we put the tin foil on top and we had our tie-dye pattern.


The last art project we did was Neo graphic art. How we did this was we scribbled all over the page and then round it out the corners.  Then we made some of the lines Boulder.  Then we colored the whole thing in many different colors. That is all the art projects we made.


Two Of The Same

The first paragraph I did two months ago was my mask paragraph. I used good transition words for my first second and third thoughts. One area I could have done better in was detail.

Last month I wrote a paragraph on Minecraft education Edition. I did so much better and I improved  so much. I added way more details and had a better introductory sentence. Even though it was better I still need to work on my spelling and my grammar. My goal for next time is to do brainstorming without the help of my teachers.



My Summer

Hi this is my first blog.    During summer at the cottage  I usually go down to the lake and play with my brother in a game of volleyball. Then I go out for mushroom picking and I pick my favourite mushrooms. My favourite kinds of mushrooms are  Kozak, King Boletus, Chanterelles and Butter Mushrooms.

valtercirillo / Pixabay. this is a king Boletus
Pawel_Litwin / Pixabay. this is a kozak
adege / Pixabay. this is a chanterelle





My grandma taught me how to pick mushrooms. Her grandma taught her how to pick mushrooms. Her Grandma’s grandma taught her how to pick mushrooms  so she  told us how to pick them. 

That’s all for this blog see you next time.