Zoe and I’s Innovation Day


Zoe And I’s video  For the past three weeks in science We were researching about Solar energy. We learned a lot about it by reading from websites such as  HOW CITIES CAN REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION and  Energy Management in Parks: We’re saving resources, your money, and Earth.

Leonardo da Vinci came up with the idea of solar panels. During the day solar panels take the sun and transforme the sun into electricity/energy. And if you don’t have any sun the solar panels wont work. Solar panels conserve energy during the day when there is sun that way at night the solar panels shoot the energy out that they have been saving all day.

With solar energy, cities would be able to tap into free energy in the form of giving electricity or heating during the daytime. If you use solar panels you could put whatever you are building anywhere because it doesn’t need to be close to any electricity posts.  Solar will also reduce the amount of fossil fuel people use. In some places, energy uses more than 70%. Plants and trees lower greenhouse gas emissions in the air by using energy from the sun.


Our project is to make Parks more fun and more efficient. Parks now are fun but they are still not fun enofe a lot  of kids like using electronics so we could create outdoor electronics so kids could look  forward to going outside more. It’s good to make the park more efficient because people are spending more time outside and making it more fun makes it more efficient. 


We were adding energy to a park to make it more fun and efficient to do this. We added a big solar panel at the top that can run all sorts of gadgets. The point of doing this is to make it more fun for playdates outdoors because of covid19 we have to stay outside more that is the point of making the park more fun and efficient. 


In our project we will be using Solar Panels because they are more energy efficient and cost less money in the long run because you only need to pay at the beginning. You dont need to be close to any electricity posts.



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What We Have Done In Art

In this blog post, I am going to be talking about what we have done in art.

For our first art project, we did the kid under the mask. How we did it was we folded our paper into four parts. The mask on the bottom part and then we drew ourselves out and the mask and put the mask flipped over and wrote Good Parts about ourselves.

The second art project we did was a sort of pumpkin tie-dye thing.  We drew a pumpkin on paper. Then when we finished that we also did dots and designs then. We put colored markers watercolor markers on top of the tinfoil and sprayed the piece of paper with water.  then we put the tin foil on top and we had our tie-dye pattern.


The last art project we did was Neo graphic art. How we did this was we scribbled all over the page and then round it out the corners.  Then we made some of the lines Boulder.  Then we colored the whole thing in many different colors. That is all the art projects we made.


Two Of The Same

The first paragraph I did two months ago was my mask paragraph. I used good transition words for my first second and third thoughts. One area I could have done better in was detail.

Last month I wrote a paragraph on Minecraft education Edition. I did so much better and I improved  so much. I added way more details and had a better introductory sentence. Even though it was better I still need to work on my spelling and my grammar. My goal for next time is to do brainstorming without the help of my teachers.



My Minecraft Paragraph

What! You’ve never heard of Minecraft Education Edition before? It’s a great program and it should be used in school, but not all the time. To begin with, it can be used as a reward. If students finish their work they can use Minecraft. Teachers and students will be happy because it has an education edition so kids would still learn and kids like Minecraft. Next, If the teacher chooses to use Minecraft it should be connected to certain subjects. It could be connected to science because they have made a tour of the international space station. Finally, I think there should be some regular teaching and some Minecraft because I don’t want it to replace regular teaching. I still want to be in person with actual humans teaching us. It’s important to have this because it’s easier for them to help you if you have a question. As a result, some regular teaching and some Minecraft gets the job done by having something fun and educational. Overall, I think if you are a teacher, you should involve Minecraft in your curriculum. 


My Story

In 1948 a boat landed on a mysterious island. A family came out and they looked very scared. They were running, running and running, looking all around. But no one else was there. They were lost and they only had a little bit of leftover food on the ship. They heard mysterious rumbling. It sounded like someone singing. The boy was terrified and jumped into his mother’s arms. The boy said, “Mommy will we survive?” The mom was silent and she didn’t know what to say. She was terrified. She didn’t want to admit it to her son. But it had to be done, they had to escape. Their dad had disappeared and they heard a different voice.  “I will run, I will hide, you will never catch me, you will never get him”…    It was silent and they only heard the creaking of branches . They all worried. No one knew what to say or what to do.  The girl screamed and ran but there was nothing to do; it was the end. The girl thought for a moment, what if someone found them on the island? She must record what had happened. She ran to her diary and started writing.


Jun 21 1948 

Dear diary, today is my birthday and my family went to the boat. We had lots of fun and it crashed. When we landed on a mysterious Island it was weird and scary. My dad has now been captured. We don’t know what will happen next. 


Till next time, Vivi. 


She  had ran back from the boat with her diary keeping it under her arm.  Why were her parents  gone? Her brother looked terrified. All he could say was, They’re gone, we will be dead. all is gone.  


September 2023, a plane landed on that very same island. They found a diary that said this 

  Jun 21 1948 

Dear diary, Today is my birthday and my family went to the boat. We had lots of fun and it crashed. When we landed on a mysterious Island it was weird and scary. My dad has now been captured. We don’t know what will happen next. 


Till next time, Vivi.


They were creeped out so they searched the Island. They found a skeleton that had a note on it. It said, if you are reading this note danger is coming for you. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\.

To bo continued!