Unicorn Mania Innovation Day Project

Unicorn Mania was Zoe and I’s innovation day project for this project we were tasked to fit as many simple machines as possible. This was the final project for our simple machines unit. To make our sled it took a process of six weeks.

One thing that surprised me in this process  was the amount of work that it ended up being it was certainly a much different process then what we had done in the other years because of the transition to the design thinking method it was harder to juggle what section to focus on more. For example Zoe and I spent too much time focusing on the define and emphasize portion and not enough the Ideate section and that caused us to lose marks in that portion.

In the future I think we should invest our time equally into each section and focus more on the things that we struggle with and not take the easy way out. Another thing I think Zoe and I can do better in the future is checking in more on the rubric and try not to miss a section.

Here is a photo of our project:

STEAM Fair Refection

For our innovation day project we decided to choose the STEAM fair project.

I did this project on angles and how to calculate velocity, time, kinetic and potential energy.

This is a photo:

But that was not our original idea. We were going to prove that if you change the angle as long as you have the bottom the same and the height the same each time it should land in the same spot. But we ran into some problems with the materials we had and our carpinting skills. We were not able to build it. One thing I noticed was that I was more productive outside of school than in school. I Found out that I was more productive in the mornings so in order to be more productive I would wake up earlier than usual and go to bed earlier. That got me into a routine and now I finish all my homework in the morning.

Over all our project went well. We ended up finishing early and having a lot of time to practice our presentation.  


My Answers of Boxing For His Life VICTOR “YOUNG” PEREZ (Podcast 2)

  • What moments of their life captivated you?

That he got to the world champions on boxing when he was only 5’1 and 110 lbs and he Won!

  • How were you impacted by their story?

This story impacted me because he got killed for just stealing one piece of bread. I still can’t believe that he shot of just stealing a peace of bread. Also I think that it’s amassing that even though he was in the terrible conditions of  Auschwitz he was still training.    

  • How can their story be used to educate others?

It can be use to stop antisemitism in sports.

My Jewish Values

In Jewish studies we did a project about Jewish Values. My partner Shadow M. and I did this together. The Jewish values project consists of 5 values for each value you need two quotes from a Jewish text.

OurJewishValues by Shadow M. and Mia L.

The values we chose were: Respect for animal, Freedom of speech, Love for Israel, Friendship, and Saving a life. In our presentation you will see the reasons that we chose those values out of 30 or so values. For the scenario you can comment your answer or just keep it to yourself.

In our project you can see we lost marks because we forgot to add a second quote for each value.